Taking Control of Your Life


2 Timothy 1:7 For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

For many years I blamed the circumstances of my life on my past, the people in my life, and everyone and everything I was surrounded by. It took quite a while but God finally revealed to me that it was indeed my life and it was time I start taking responsibility for it. My mother used to always tell me that we make our own lives. Which I am finally now, in my twenty-one years of life, starting to realize is the only truth. God lays out a path for us and it’s up to us whether we decide to follow it or not. He speaks to our hearts and it’s up to us whether we decide to listen or not. He may be the creator of all that is life but we are the ones in charge of ours. God could have created a bunch of robots that say and act just like Him, but instead He wants us to choose to follow His ways.

I believe Jesus didn’t come and die for us so that we could be living in defeat or in fear or anything that isn’t love, joy, peace and happiness. That is the Spirit of God and we all have it living in us. I’ve come to understand that the storms we experience in life are only temporary, but the blessings of God last forever. For eternity. Whatever it is that you’ve gone through, or anything that has ever made you question “why God?” I can assure you that He intended it to make you stronger not bitter. Bitterness is not God’s nature. If He allowed it, it’s because YOU CAN handle it (Philippians 4:13). YOU CAN overcome it and YOU WILL be stronger because of it. So start taking control of your life today, let God in and allow Him to help you reach your highest potential.

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