God of Justice

Revelation 21:4
He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.


As I drive through these enormous mountains that I’ve never laid eyes on, my throat chokes up and tears wanna fall from my eyes as I feel the Holy Spirit laying down all my wounds to rest. I can feel a sense of closure and contentment in knowing that God is a God of justice. He does great unimaginable things for those who are good and trust in Him, and for those who don’t, well they will surely be brought to justice.

For many years I wondered what happened to this man who I spent my whole life thinking about. Last I heard, he had pleaded guilty to what he had done, but he was given a deal. I think he so badly wanted to get out of jail because he was stabbed while in there. However that was enough closure for me, so I thought. I was told that God spoke to his heart while he was in there and I always kept him in my prayers in hopes that some day I would see him a changed man, the kind of man God created him to be.

That wasn’t the case. You see God can only work through you if you allow Him to. You’ve got to want His spirit. You’ve got to seek Him whole heartedly and leave all the bad in your life. I was told just before I left on vacation that this man was going through a very difficult time. He’s struggling with aids and has very little time left here on Earth. Why now? Why right before I leave to the happiest place on earth? Because God’s timing is perfect and He knows exactly what He’s doing.

That for me was really hard to hear. I felt so badly for everything because I am not an evil person. I do not wish harm on even the evilest of people. I wanted so badly to hear something positive out of that situation, but things aren’t always the way we want them to be. After giving it much thought I came to the realization, that if God allowed Jesus to endure much pain for our sake, He will surely punish those who do wrong. No matter what.
He sees EVERYTHING, and He collects every single tear you shed and He will always make something wrong, right.

I feel so incredibly blessed to be exactly where I am right now in my life. All those tears that were shed, are definitely replaced with love and blessings. That’s exactly what God’s promises are. As I continue to drive through these mountains, I feel a sense of hope. Hope is when you wake up everyday expecting for God to do great things in your life, and I have to say this is the greatest feeling ever. I trust in Him completely and NO ONE can ever convince me that He is not the creator of all that is life. The same God that created these beautiful mountains also created you and I. There’s no man on earth that can stop what He has planned for you. Give it up and give it all to Him.


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